About Us

Have you heard about cryptocurrency? There’s a good chance that you have. Cryptocurrency is more popular now than ever before, and that shows no signs of stopping. But what exactly is it all about?

That’s what we’re here to explain.

We’re Learning Cryptos — a bunch of people from all over the world who really like crypto. Don’t worry, though. We’re legit (Unlike your weird cousin who promises to help you make bank with bitcoin if you give him a couple hundred).

We know that many people worldwide want to get into crypto that doesn’t know where to start. At Learning Cryptos, we’re all about discovering new avenues to benefit from the cryptocurrency market and share it with others.

Because the cryptocurrency market isn’t a single thing, it involves trading, investments, mining, and so much more. All these terms and ideas can be confusing for a newbie, but we’re here to help. We’ll also help you stay on top of what’s going on in the industry and make it so easy to understand your grandma will get it (we hope).

Cryptocurrency is made of so many networks and ecosystems, and we’ll give you a virtual tour of them one by one. Because cryptocurrency is the future, we’ll also explain how it will affect your day to day life both now and in the next few years.

Over time, there’ll be much more content coming from our end. We’ll have a newsletter, podcasts, courses, and industry insights. Basically, everything you need to go from a newbie to crypto informed citizen.

While we pride ourselves on being international people of mystery who are worldwide, our amazing content is whipped up in the Great North of Canada.

So stick around as we explore the crazy world of crypto together. We’ll learn new things, keep up with the latest in the crypto world, and share bite-sized goodies (let’s face it, that’s probably why you’re here).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.