How To Buy ETH Using MetaMask

How To Buy ETH Using MetaMask

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by Julian Lopez-Acosta
Crypto is tricky to understand—even the savviest of gurus would agree with us. Purchasing crypto can even be a more difficult concept to grasp. There are just too many exchanges, platforms, and currencies out there. You may be wondering to yourself: how do I even begin?
MetaMask fox holding Ethereum cash

Well, good news for you—in this article, we’ll be taking you through the steps on how to purchase one of the world’s most popular crypto through a fan favourite wallet.

The cryptocurrency and wallet mentioned are Ethereum’s native currency: ETH, and a popular web3 wallet: MetaMask.

You’ve probably heard of Ethereum before. There’s a good reason why it’s one of the biggest networks globally—Ethereum’s built a network of dapps, games, altcoins and the likes, all on a decentralized blockchain. How neat is that?

MetaMask, on the other hand, is the leading web3 wallet with over 21 million monthly active users. It eases the process of buying, selling, and trading crypto with its browser plugin and app. MetaMask hopes to lower the entry barrier to crypto and bring it to the international stage.

Enough of the fluff; let’s get into how to purchase ETH through MetaMask.

1. Download and install MetaMask

MetaMask homepage

First, install MetaMask either on your browser or phone. Both user interfaces are relatively similar, so we’ll only show you how to buy ETH through the browser plugin. All steps for the browser plugin also apply to the app.

If Google is your main browser, click here to download.

If you prefer Firefox, follow this link.

2. Setup your wallet

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, you’ll be greeted with the “Get started” page. From here, you can either import a wallet using your seed phrase or create a new wallet altogether.

"New to MetaMask?" page

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll go down the “create a wallet” path.

Then, you’ll be asked to create a password. Once inputted, check “I have read…” and click “Create.”

Next, you’ll see a screen that says “Secure your wallet.” We recommend you watch the video if you’re new to crypto. If not, click “Next.”

Secret Recovery Phrase MetaMask page

Write down your Secret Recovery Phrase (seed phrase) on paper. Then, click “Next,” and put all the words in the correct order.

Once completed, you’ll get the “Congratulations” cue. Click “All done” and you’ll be taken to the main wallet screen.

3. Choose your payment method

So you’re all set up and good to go. Now comes the fun part: purchasing your first ETH.

To do this, click “Buy.”

You’ll be met with three different methods of buying Ethereum. The last method is direct depositing Ethereum from an external wallet, so don’t worry about this. We’ll be taking a look at purchasing through Wyre and Transak.

Wyre is a payment API accepting card payments or bank transfers worldwide. It comes with low network and transaction fees.

Transak is a simple integration allowing users to buy hundreds of cryptos with card payments and bank transfers.

Quite frankly, both methods work wonders. But of course, if you’re keen on getting the best bang for your buck, you’ll have to do some external research on your own time. We found Wyre to be our favourite method.

4. Deposit ETH in your wallet

"Deposit ETH" MetaMask page

From the “Buy” screen, click “Continue to Wyre.”

Here you’ll find this screen:

Wyre MetaMask page

First, input the amount you want to purchase.

Then, click the bubble below your address. Here you can see the three different methods of payment: Credit/Debit, Apple Pay, or ACH transfer. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll use Credit/Debit.

Once selected, check “I authorize Wyre…” and click “Next.

5. Enter your information

Here you’ll be required to enter your card info, billing address, and contact info. Once completed, click “Submit.”

"Enter payment information" Wyre MetaMask page

6. Fill in the OTP

Once the order is done processing, you’ll have to type in a One Time Password sent to your email/phone to confirm the order.

And voila! You’ve successfully purchased ETH through MetaMask. Wait a couple of minutes, and you’ll receive the Ethereum directly into your account!