7 Cheapest Crypto to Send

7 Cheapest Crypto to Send

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Did you know that the most expensive crypto transfer was only $134... but the transfer fee was over $2.6 million?
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Logically speaking, most crypto transfers don’t cost millions of dollars, but they are certainly expensive. Cryptocurrencies are known for having very high transfer fees. There are, however, some cryptocurrencies that are trying to eliminate such problems.

The (current) cheapest crypto to send are:  

  1. Nano
  2. Stellar
  3. Digibyte
  4. Vertcoin
  5. Ripple
  6. Cardano
  7. Tron

Let’s begin, shall we?

What are crypto transaction fees?

It’s important you understand why you have to pay this fee before I can help you find the cheapest crypto to send. Crypto transaction fees or transfer fees are paid when a cryptocurrency is transferred from one digital wallet to another.

Generally, crypto-asset transfers are expensive. It is, however, due to the diligence of miners who authenticate transfers, that the process is successful.

This is where your transaction fees go. Usually, the charge is a small percentage of the purchase cost, so you have nothing to be concerned about.

It is possible for the transfer fees of a coin to vary depending on the market situation. Additionally, if you want your transaction to be completed earlier than most, you can pay a little extra to the miners.

Which is the cheapest crypto to transfer?

Currently, there are a million crypto-asset projects worldwide, but most charge high gas fees. Cryptocurrencies or NFTs with low minting fees often have a slow transaction process.

Hence, finding the cheapest crypto to send may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack—thankfully, you landed on this page, and all the research has been done for you.

Take a look at the headers below for a comprehensive list of the top 7 cheapest crypto to send:

1. Nano

When it comes to the lowest-cost cryptocurrency, Nano ($XNO) surpasses all. It is by far the cheapest crypto to send out of the list—transaction fees are virtually zero for this cryptocurrency.

Yes, you heard it right – ZERO. One of the most impressive aspects of this affordability is how fast transfers for Nano are. Neither minting nor exchanging takes more than 0.14 seconds without needing to pay additional fees. It’s practically instant payments without the ludicrous price tag often attached to cryptocurrencies with fast transaction speeds.

That’s right, you usually only get one. It can either be the cheapest or the fastest. However, Nano has managed to out-innovate competitors with its balanced cryptocurrency, meeting the best of both worlds. 

The low gas fee results from the company’s collaboration with the non-incentivized network called ORV – Open Representative Voting. Check out the link if you’d like to learn more about this voting system.

2. Stellar

There’s no doubt that Stellar ($LUMEN or $XLM) is one of the top names for the cheapest crypto to send.

Although it might not be ranked No. 1 on this list, its statistics are still quite impressive. For example, Stellar has transaction fees as low as 0.00001 Lumens, taking the lead in upcoming and popular cryptocurrencies. This would equate to $0.0000011 for every printed receipt.

To give you an idea, Bitcoin’s lowest transaction fee was $0.737.

Due to the considerable difference between these gas fees, one crypto could gain an advantage over the other. Considering Stellar’s remarkable transfer time, it’s not a bad choice if you want to move funds in large amounts without paying unnecessary fees.

3. DigiByte

Founded almost a decade ago, DigiByte ($DGB) is the third-ranked crypto platform when it comes to the “cheapest crypto to send” niche. Digibyte actively challenges Bitcoin’s stats and calls it out.

It makes sense considering Digibytes’ average transaction speed of 15 seconds compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. Moreover, Digitbyte attracts people because of its low transaction fee of $0.0005 per exchange. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

4. Vertcoin

Vertcoin ($VTC) is known to be one of the cheapest crypto to send with easy transaction procedures. By easy processes, I mean that it doesn’t integrate the ASIC mining protocol, a mining system that created a massive entry barrier for wannabe miners. 

ASIC miners are high-performance mining systems. However, Vertcoin provides users with a mining tool that significantly simplifies the process. The average transaction of a Vertcoin is worth approximately 0.0027 VTC. It may not take the cake as the cheapest crypto to send, but it’s definitely up there.

This makes the VTC cryptocurrency a cheap yet reliable digital asset to transfer.

5. Ripple

Ripple is the key that unlocks large sum transfers without the high network transfer fees. Undoubtedly, this cryptocurrency ($XRP) is one of the most popular and affordable crypto to send.

It has a low transaction fee of $0.0002. Furthermore, it has an unbelievably fast transaction process. It’s shocking how underrated Ripple is when the whole process takes only 5 seconds.

Originally, Ripple was designed to facilitate money transfers, a goal it has accomplished quite well so far!

6. Cardano

Every crypto-enthusiast has heard of Cardano ($ADA). Cardano has gained a massive fan base over the years because it is a peer-reviewed blockchain with the potential to take on Ethereum’s dominating NFT industry. However, its low transaction fee sets it apart from other popular marketplaces.

There aren’t many top 10 crypto markets that offer low minting fees… except for Cardano, of course.

Each exchange on this blockchain has a low transfer fee of about 0.15-0.18 ADA. Despite this value being higher than most of the fees on the list, it deserves special attention due to its high levels of activity.

As mentioned earlier, the transaction fees are subject to change based on market activity. However, despite its popularity and reliability, Cardano maintains its position as one of the cheapest crypto to send with no significant price increases.


One of the newest platforms in the crypto industry is TRON ($TRX). Since its launch in 2017, this company has quickly attracted crypto-addicts.

There is a complication to TRON’s gas fees. For each transfer procedure, the platform requires energy and bandwidth. This might equate to 5 to 300 TRON coins or $TRX. So the equivalent amount in dollars is $0.335 to $20.1.

Which cryptocurrency has no transaction fees?

Now you might wonder how $TRX made it into the list with $0.335 per transaction. Simple – it’s thanks to a technicality.

Every TRON user is given a complimentary pass to complete a transaction—you can make a free transaction each day with this crypto! 

But remember, with Nano’s Open Representative Voting, zero fees are built within the protocol for EACH transaction. Therefore, TRON and Nano are the cheapest crypto to send with no transaction fees.

Cheapest crypto to send from Coinbase

Coinbase is renowned for its growing popularity. It continues to thrive as a centralized crypto exchange with its ease of use and credit card payments. It wouldn’t surprise me if you use Coinbase daily—it’s perfect for those being introduced to crypto for the first time.

Luckily, Coinbase has a vast array of cryptocurrencies at your disposal. And some of those have relatively cheap transaction fees!

The cheapest crypto to send from Coinbase are:

  • Dash ($DASH)
  • Stellar ($XLM)
  • LiteCoin ($LTC)
  • Ripple ($XRP)

Check these out if you want to avoid a couple of dollars in transfer fees.


The popularity of cryptocurrency has resulted in inflation in most transfer fees. As a result, it’s challenging to find tokens with low gas fees on the market these days.

These two factors will help you find the cheapest crypto to send with ease:

  1. How low is the transfer fee
  2. How fast is the transaction process

Most of the time, you’ll get an uneven ratio between the two. Thus, it would be best to choose crypto that perfectly balances the two.

But the cheapest (and one of the fastest) crypto to send is, without a doubt, Nano.

You’re now prepared to become an expert at transferring money without paying additional fees. Nice!