CyberKongz: Where Metaverse Meets Monkeys

CyberKongz: Where Metaverse Meets Monkeys

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Welcome to the jungle, and welcome to CyberKongz. What started as a 1000-piece collection of NFTs has developed into a massive community movement with an impressive lineup from the depths of creativity from notable NFT and De-Fi experts.
CyberKongz in the metaverse

CyberKongz have quickly become the talk of the Metaverse, and for good reason! The evolution from NFT to playable metaverse avatar has been quite the journey for CyberKongz, and they aren’t done yet.

What are CyberKongz?

CyberKongz's official Twitter

CyberKongz first hit the market in March 2021 as a collection of 1000 unique and randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Without advertising or pre-release hype this collection saw great success on OpenSea, mainly due to the pixelated gorilla images being perfectly suited for profile pictures on Discord (way before the profile picture thing was a trend).

What the creators didn’t see coming was the growth of the PFP into a massive community movement resulting in its own token, the $BANANA, and a 3D Voxel collection which can be used as playable avatars in the Metaverse.

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward. The pride of owning a digital Kongz could mean one of many things – access to the private community, the ability to yield 10 $BANANA per day for the next 10 years, or the clout that comes with strutting around the Metaverse in your finest monkey suit.

Of all the NFTs on the market, it’s likely that their popularity is driven by the dedicated team behind the project who are constantly looking to push the limits of what owning an NFT actually means.

The Council of Kongz

The Council of Kongz, made up of 10 distinguished innovators, has led steady growth of this crypto conglomerate to date. With their key focus being “adding value for their audience”, it’s safe to say that they’ve consistently done just that. 

Their creativity and innovative spirit has lead this team to the creation of both 2D and 3D NFTs made of Genesis CyberKongz (the first 1000), Baby Kongz (the result of breeding 2 Genesis Kongz with a little help from $BANANA), and CyberKongz VX (the 3D voxel-based Kongz that can be used in The Sandbox and other metaverses). 

Each Kong comes with its own set of exclusive benefits, like access to certain Discord channels, customizations, and cross-platform capabilities. The truth is – the future of the collection is unknown, but the backers of this NFT aren’t slowing down any time soon.

Who created CyberKongz?

The original collection was created by Myoo as 989 Genesis and 10 Legendary CyberKongz. While the crypto community was quick to welcome the PFP collection with open arms, what has kept them a success is the family they have built leading to an impressive track record for an NFT.

Are CyberKongz worth it?

A CyberKongz in a suit and top hat

As with any NFT, you have to consider the value that you, as an individual, place on the potential of the investment. Crypto is a relatively new field and is still considered volatile in terms of investing. With the introduction of NFTs, the game has changed by putting a tangible item behind the investment, so the question is – do you value NFTs for what they’re being sold?

All speculation aside, if you are invested in NFTs then these pixelated gorillas are a great way to go. They have been developed and nurtured by a team that is truly “for the people”. The Council of Kongz have done nothing but innovate ways to drive the Kongz community forward at an impressive rate and they’re not done! When it comes to NFTs, CyberKongz could be the gift that keeps on giving… if you have a spare $61,000.

How to get your own CyberKongz

CyberKongz OpenSea listings

Getting your virtual hands on this NFT is relatively easy, as long as you can afford it. If you’re new to the space and have no idea how to buy an NFT, check out our NFT purchase guide for first-timers. It covers all the basics you need to come out on top in this industry.

Have you set up a wallet, added some ETH into your funds, and understood how the NFT buying process works? Then you’re good to go! Head on over to OpenSea and check out listings for CyberKongz.

The future of CyberKongz

There is one thing that’s for certain with CyberKongz – the future is forward! This isn’t just any old NFT, it’s an NFT with a 5 year plan. Ok, maybe not 5 years, but the Council of Kongz definitely has a vision…and they know how to execute! So, what’s the plan for the JPEG?

According to their website it’s “to the metaverse and beyond”. This means avatars for the Metaverse, exclusive options for a gamified experience on the blockchain where you can mint and collect NFTs, and a Kongz utility expansion which will bridge the gap between NFT universes like Kongz and Axie Infinity. There’s no telling where CyberKongz will eventually go, but with innovators driving the brand it’s only up from here!