3 Games Like Axie Infinity in 2022

3 Games Like Axie Infinity in 2022

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by Julian Lopez-Acosta
It's no surprise games like Axie Infinity are on the rise. What used to be a relatively fair game has become a nightmare for some and an unprofitable investment for others.
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Despite its success in recent years, the play-to-earn game isn’t so play-to-earn anymore. The initial buy-in is expensive, the earnings aren’t all that, and the user base is steadily declining.

So if you want to dip your toes in the NFT-gaming world, Axie Infinity shouldn’t be your first choice. But thankfully, there’s been an increase in games like Axie Infinity that are similar yet miles better than the pioneer itself.

The growing list of games like Axie Infinity include:

  • My DeFi Pet
  • Binemon
  • Blockchain Cuties

What type of game is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an RPG game like Runescape or Pokemon. Albeit, the game differs because it is focused on pets, it’s blockchain-powered, and it’s play-to-earn via its NFT ecosystem.

So instead of gaining coins, gold, or any other form of digital currency used only inside the game, Axie Infinity allows players to earn Axie Infinity Shards ($AXS), an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, which they can sell for cash.
It doesn’t stop there, though. $AXS gives holders the right to stake their currency for passive income, and they can even cast their votes for crucial decisions for the game’s direction.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Ethereum-based virtual pet NFT games developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. 

It has been around for several years, emerging in late 2017 as a battle-centred play-to-earn alternative to other popular blockchain-based games like CryptoKitties. With games like Pokemon Go taking off in 2016, Axie Infinity found its place as an experience wherein players can earn money through breeding, battling, and collecting NFTs called “Axies”, the game’s virtual pets.

Axie Infinity took off in the years after, especially in the Philippines. But as time passed and more and more users signed up, things got a bit out of hand. Higher demand with a limited supply of Axies led to higher prices for the NFTs.

And what happened? Well, growth rates declined, and existing breeders failed to see any profitability in their beloved game. As a result, the blockchain-powered pet euphoria was no longer evident.

Are there games like Axie Infinity?

Don’t be out of hope if you want to get into play-to-earn NFT games—there are plenty of games like Axie Infinity that may differ in mechanics but share the same essence as Axie Infinity when it first came out.

See the list below if you’d like to explore this new gaming genre.

Games like Axie Infinity 2022

My DeFi Pet

Although there are plenty of games like Axie Infinity, the closest thing to it is, without a doubt, My Defi Pet.

Essentially, it’s the same game run on different graphics and a whole ‘nother blockchain. You’ll definitely notice the similarities if you’ve played Farmville back in the day.

And the blockchain it’s running on is none other than Binance Smart Chain, one of the largest blockchains globally. It also uses KardiaChain, a cross-chain technology looking to win the hearts of crypto adopters through its interoperability.

Instead of earning $AXS, players earn $DPET. Holders of this currency can purchase items in-game or sell it for cash.

Now for the game’s mechanics, players can collect eggs and pets, breed, evolve, and even battle their pets against other players. Users can also trade with and message other players if they seek a social experience.


Binemon is also up there as a top contender to Axie Infinity and My Defi Pet. It’s a mobile-only NFT pet video game run on the Draken blockchain, a DeFi counterpart to Ethereum and other smart-contract blockchains.

What makes Binemon unique is its fun approach to the game’s graphics. For example, instead of cute pets like those seen in Axie Infinity and My Defi Pet, you can collect, trade, and reproduce internet memes like Doge.

Also, if you want to fight against people and the environment around you, the sky’s the limit in this game. PvP and PvE have been fully developed since the start.

One other thing—Axie Infinity lacks lore. So if you’re a fan of storytelling and background information, Binemon has a tale to tell.

Blockchain Cuties

Last on the list is Blockchain Cuties, the Ethereum alternative to My Defi Pet and Binemon.

In this game, you can collect, breed, battle, equip items, and level up a range of cute pets, from dogs, cats, lizards, and other fantasy creatures. However, instead of using ERC-20 tokens for in-game transactions, Blockchain Cuties only uses ERC-721 (also called NFTs).

So no, you cannot sell your pet for a fungible token. But it’s still a hell of a game!

Games like Axie Infinity but free

All games like Axie Infinity are free to install. The problem? You generally have to purchase a virtual pet or item NFT to get started or to earn a higher income.

Yes, you can earn cryptocurrency for free in all the games like Axie Infinity, but it comes with time and patience. For the most part, if you want to quit your day job and farm cash on one of these games, you’ll be required to invest a portion of your money for better in-game NFTs and items.


Want to try your hand at virtual pet NFT games?

Give these games a try:

  • My Defi Pet
  • Binemon
  • Blockchain Cuties