How to View NFTs in MetaMask

How to View NFTs in MetaMask

by Julian Lopez-Acosta
There's no doubt NFTs and MetaMask share a special relationship. NFTs have taken the world by storm, and MetaMask has been the go-to for those buying into the industry. 

As they grow together, problems arise. Namely, users are left questioning how to view NFTs in MetaMask—if you can’t view your NFTs, what’s the point of even buying them in the first place?

If you’ve encountered this problem, your anger is valid. Let’s face it—not being able to view NFTs in MetaMask will dampen your Internet brownie points. It pretty much defeats one of the purposes of NFTs, hey?

In this quick guide, I’ll be teaching you how to view NFTs in MetaMask.

Why can’t I view NFTs in MetaMask’s Extension

As per MetaMask’s website:

Please note that while you can add NFTs as custom tokens in the extension, you will not be able to see them natively in the UI.

Despite the bad news, MetaMask has pledged to implement NFT support in the MetaMask Extension. But you must be patient anon; it’ll come with time.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t add NFTs as custom tokens, then view them on your mobile app. To do this, follow these steps:

Manually add your NFT through MetaMask Extension

First, click on your MetaMask Extension on the top right of your browser and plug in your password. From here, click the Assets tab, and hit the hyperlinked “import tokens” text at the very bottom of the screen.

how to view nfts in metamask: import tokens on metmask extension

This will transfer you to the Import Tokens page. Next, you’ll need a Token Contract Address from Etherscan, Ethereum’s leading blockchain explorer.

Simply head over to OpenSea (or whichever NFT marketplace you use), connect your MetaMask wallet, then go to your Profile page. Click the NFT you want to display on MetaMask, scroll down to Details on the left-hand side, and click the linked Contract Address.

how to view nfts in metamask: opensea nft page

You’ll find yourself on the NFT contract’s Etherscan page. All you have to do is copy the address, and you’re set for the final step!

To end it off, go back to the Import Tokens page on the MetaMask Extension, switch to the Token tab, paste the contract address in the Token Contract Address field, and add a zero in the Token Decimal field.

how to view nfts in metamask: import tokens screen metamask extension

Once you hit the Add Custom Token button at the bottom, your mobile app will show your NFT. Not too shabby.

How to view NFTs in MetaMask (Mobile)

Don’t care much about adding NFTs via the MetaMask Extension?

Suppose you’re asking yourself how to view NFTs in MetaMask, and more specifically, viewing NFTs in MetaMask mobile. In that case, your wishes should have already come true—MetaMask mobile already has an NFT tab on the homepage. 

Let’s say you don’t see any of the NFTs you just recently bought. Don’t worry—it’s happened to me and countless others. 

There are two ways you could solve this issue:

Turn on “Autodetect NFTs”

Start with this option, as it should automatically display your NFTs whenever you mint or purchase them through OpenSea.

First and foremost, locate the hamburger menu icon in the top left of the app. Then, click the Settings menu.

how to view nfts in metamask: settings tab metamask mobile

Tap on Security & Privacy, then scroll down to the bottom. Enable Autodetect NFTs, and you’re done!

how to view nfts in metamask: security & privacy screen metamask mobile

Bear in mind though, that you must have Ethereum Mainnet selected as your network (on the homepage), and you must also toggle Enable OpenSea API if you haven’t already—else, Autodetect NFTs will be grayed out.

Manually add NFT through MetaMask’s browser

Next up: adding NFTs manually in the MetaMask app.

You’ll be practically following the same steps as adding an NFT through your MetaMask browser, though this time, you’ll be doing everything on the MetaMask browser in the app.

Start by finding the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the app. Then, tap the Browser menu once it pops up.

how to view nfts in metamask: browser tab metamask mobile

Tap the middle-top of the browser (the address bar), and type in “”

Once on OpenSea, click the top-right hamburger menu, then the Account menu. Next, hit the Profile tab, and choose the NFT you’d like to view on your MetaMask app.

how to view nfts in metamask:opensea mobile

Scroll down to the Details dropdown menu, then select the hyperlinked Contract Address text. Make sure you also take note of the Token ID text, as it represents your unique token in the collection.

how to view nfts in metamask: opensea nft page mobile

Once you click the Contract Address text, you’ll be taken to Etherscan, from which you will copy the contract address at the very top.

how to view nfts in metamask: etherscan page

All done? Access the hamburger menu once again, then tap the Wallet tab. Go to the NFTs tab, scroll down to Import NFTs, and paste the contract address. Also, ensure you type in the token ID in the ID textbox.

how to view nfts in metamask: import NFT mobile

Hit IMPORT and that’s it! You’re now able to view NFTs in MetaMask.