What Is The Otherside and How Does It Work?

What Is The Otherside and How Does It Work?

by admin
Are you ready to visit the Otherside? If you think I’m talking about Stranger Things, this article is for you! This isn’t the Upside Down, it’s the Otherside Metaverse—one of the newest projects from web3 powerhouse Yuga Labs.
bayc partying in the otherside

What is the Otherside?

With the insane success of NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), and the multiple others from Yuga Labs on top of their very own ApeCoin release, it should come as no surprise that the next step is a new digital frontier – a metaverse

The Otherside metaverse is under development, and technically always will be. The main reason being that Yuga Labs creators refuse to settle and continue pushing the boundaries of web3 and what it means to create a thriving community. And what better way than to create a gamified user experience that blends multiplayer role playing games and web3-based virtual worlds? 

If you’ve got absolutely no clue what that means, let’s break it down. If you’ve ever played the Sims before, a multiplayer online role playing game is kind of like that… on steroids. Instead of you interacting with the game’s characters and designing a virtual life, you interact with other users online to build, create, and play in a virtual universe. A more apt comparison would be games like RuneScape or World of Warcraft.

Now, what does web3 have to do with anything? Well, the Otherside will be equipped with web3 technology, meaning that you can purchase and sell items for currency that has actual value (cryptocurrency). And no, there won’t be a virtual ATM you have to use to play—the whole point of web3 is to provide a decentralized web experience. In other words, web that isn’t owned by a handful of massive corporations. Instead, it is built for (and by) the users.

The distinction here is that the Otherside is akin to a whole new world—think of it like part radioactive swamp, part Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, and part “in a galaxy far far away”… in (virtual) reality, the Otherside is made up of five types of land: Biogenic Swamp, Chemical Goo, Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse. Each type of land contains unique resources, treasures, and artifacts. 

These resources are what Othersiders will have to build the future of this metaverse. There are even “primal beings” called Kodas – the role and importance of which are a mystery to us thus far, and to find out you’ll just have to join in!

How does the Otherside work?

Two BAYC sword fighting inside of an MMORPG

The Otherside will be an interactive online experience. The first step in creating the Otherside is to build within it. Just as one would need a deed to physical land to build a house on, future Othersiders will be able to claim an Otherdeed (a piece of virtual ‘real estate’). From here, the possibilities are seemingly endless—you will be able to build your literal dream house (or whatever else comes to your imagination) on this virtual plot. 

There will be a marketplace as well, where you can buy and sell these creations to others. And the best part? You don’t need cash or a credit card—you simply need ApeCoin.

But the Otherside isn’t just about building virtual assets, it’s quite literally a place where anything is possible. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Otherside trailer! With the ability for over 10,000 players to be interacting at one time, you will be able to have an online experience unlike any other. 

Users will be able to connect through voice chat, participate in games, create new types of gameplay, and honestly, who knows what else at this point! Not only is the Otherside a new horizon for MMORPGs, it also is for metaverses as a whole!

How to get to the Otherside

Obviously you can’t take a bus to the Otherside, and you won’t find it by walking into your local VR game room (but maybe one day). Your ticket to the Otherside in fact relies on whether or not you have an Otherdeed.

You see, an Otherdeed is your claim to a plot of land in the Otherside. In total, there are 200,000 Otherdeeds available with 10% reserved for BAYC holders (1 BAYC = 1 Otherdeed), 20% for MAYC (also 1:1), 15% for developers, and the remaining 55% for “adventurers”. If you don’t fall into any of the aforementioned categories, then you would be considered an Adventurer – or someone who has purchased a deed.

Now, I know what you’re going to ask… how do I buy an Otherdeed? It’s simple: to buy an Otherdeed you can head on over to OpenSea and take your pick, but they’ll likely set you back a pretty penny. But hey, that’s the price you pay to enter a world of possibility. Otherdeeds aren’t your typical NFT—they’re dynamic. Meaning, that you will buy the NFT that comes with a collection of its elements, but it will evolve with your choices in the metaverse.

The future of the Otherside

It’s difficult to say exactly what the future holds for the Otherside—that quite literally depends on the thousands of users who will have a say in shaping it. For now, the Otherside represents a land of great possibility and epic online game play. But it also represents much more – a new way of interacting with an online world and an opportunity to build the universe of our collective dreams.