What is Neo Tokyo? The Ultimate Guide

What is Neo Tokyo? The Ultimate Guide

by Julian Lopez-Acosta
The NFT space is full of copycat collections, shills, and unoriginal content. Most often than not, NFT projects blow up upon release, then are forgotten in under a month.
Neo Tokyo NFT

But there is one contender that stands apart from the crowd. And this collection, backed by well-known crypto Youtubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades, has retained a high floor price and strong community amongst the dreaded bear market we’re currently in.

If you haven’t figured out the collection I’m talking about, it’s Neo Tokyo: an urban dystopian/sci-fi approach to the crowded NFT market. The community has recognized it as one of the most fair, long-term, and rewarding NFT collections in the cryptographic world.  

In this article, I’ll be covering what is Neo Tokyo and all its moving components.

Where did Neo Tokyo come from?

Like I said, Neo Tokyo is a project devised by crypto Youtubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades. It’s almost entirely influenced by the original 1987 release of the Neo Tokyo anime, a three-part short series set in a dystopian Japan. 

The series is based mainly on the mind-boggling intricacies of reality and the dream world. In the first part, a girl is stuck inside a maze and frees herself through a labyrinth world full of unimaginable occurrences.

In the second part, she watches the renowned Running Man compete in a life-or-death motor race, where he uses telekinesis to defeat opponents. Finally, in the last section, a salaryman is sent to halt a factory production line controlled by independent robots.

When you ask yourself, “what is Neo Tokyo?” think of it as a dark and mysterious place where civilization has turned into a living nightmare. The aesthetic is often pictured as an extension of the human race if we were to find ourselves in a world without hope. 

If you were to merge Blade Runner with anime, you would get the Neo Tokyo theme. 

The Neo Tokyo NFT project nails the odd nature of the series. Launched in October 2021, the Youtubers set to portray the aesthetic with riddles and puzzles on social media for those with high hopes of joining the community.

Something to note: to solve a riddle, you had to put together the puzzle pieces through Becker’s cryptic tweets and the project website’s code. At first glance, participants had no idea what any of it meant.

But little by little, people began reading between the lines. Becker encouraged them to pay close attention to the code, as mysteries ought to be uncovered if holders did their homework. It was a confusing and tedious process, but hundreds of people became Citizens in the end.

You were guaranteed a whitelist spot and a free mint if you solved a riddle. No one knew what was to come, but as time passed, more and more participants locked-in allowlist spots for their hard work and dedication to the cause.

Then, on October 3rd (deemed “Upload Day” by the community), all hell broke loose. Those with spots had the opportunity to mint an Identity or character attributes written in lines of code.

The mint didn’t end there—there were another two NFTs Citizens could obtain for their participation. The Vault was the first of the series, and Identity holders had to play a mini-game to win big. After came another mini-game, which unlocked the rarity of holders’ Item Caches

If you held all three assets, you could automatically claim a Land Deed. Remember, all of these assets are NFTs. 

With all four pieces of the puzzle, holders had to upload their Identity, Item Cache, and Land Deed onto the site to claim the final treasure: a Neo Tokyo Citizen. It wasn’t just another stack of code—it was a two-dimensional character curated with a rustic yet futuristic vibe.

How does Neo Tokyo work?

So how exactly does Neo Tokyo work? We’ve uncovered the four assets people had to work for, but what is their role in the Neo Tokyo world? 

From the project’s website, Neo Tokyo works as:

a networking group for people who want to develop the gaming metaverse. It also is a group that builds utilities that help this goal via applications and tools the community uses…

Neo Tokyo website

To put it bluntly, Neo Tokyo works as a space for high-value individuals to connect, build, and share insights about the metaverse and web3 gaming.

The founders have provided additional passive income to holders through the project’s native cryptocurrency, $BYTES, on top of other perks. In the future, the founders will create a playable metaverse game for Citizens while investing in the metaverse ecosystem.

Neo Tokyo Identities

Identities were the first lines of code whitelisters received after completing the first step in the riddle. It represents the attributes and properties of the Neo Tokyo Citizen.

Neo Tokyo Item Caches

You could think of Item Caches as accessories and add-ons to your Citizen. They can include a mix of weapons, clothing, vehicles, and other goodies to show off to your fellow community members once the game comes out.

Neo Tokyo Vault Cards

Vault Cards are the web3 equivalent of a bank account. And no, it’s not just a regular bank account—Vault Cards contain credit ratings and a constant yield of $BYTES. Pretty cool, huh?

Neo Tokyo Land Deeds

Yep, you guessed it! Land Deeds are just like Otherdeeds for Otherside or LAND in Decentraland. If you don’t know what these are, they’re virtual land spread across various communities.

Who owns Neo Tokyo?

Currently, 1967 cryptocurrency addresses own the “full set” or Neo Tokyo NFTs, including Identities, Item Caches, Vault Cards, and Land Deeds. However, there are only 52 unique Identity holders out of this number.

What does this mean? Well, although thousands of different addresses own complete sets, only around 52 people are owners of these assets. This is because they use a sprawling network of crypto addresses to hold their NFTs and don’t just put it into one. Smart!

How much is a Neo Tokyo NFT?

Again, this is dependent on the individual NFT of the whole set. Season 1 Identities’ floor price (yes, there is a season 2 that was released not too long ago) sits around 5 ETH, Vault Cards at around 1 ETH, Item Caches at <1 ETH, and Land Deeds have consolidated at a steady 2.5 ETH.

If you wish to purchase a Citizen instead of the set, it’ll cost you ~7 ETH for an S1 and much less for an S2. Unfortunately, S2 Citizens won’t receive as many benefits as S1s, but they’ll still gain access to the Discord server and other tools.


If you’re still wondering, “what is Neo Tokyo?” listen up.

Neo Tokyo is a unique NFT project defying the rules and metas of the space. It is an urban, futuristic, and dystopian world created by Alex Becker and Elliotrades to unite tried-and-true web3 builders and visionaries with far-fetched ideas.

The project aims to invest in metaverse initiatives, provide income and rewards to its holders, and build its own web3 game in the long run.